Plain and simple, I'm leaping into the world, hoping for the best.

2012 was a terribly honest year. Moving on.
You see, 2012 was a hard year for me. I struggled to keep up with my friends whilst keeping my sanity, I’ve loved and I have definitely lost a lot. bless your soul, Lolo. but from beginning to end, I have fought to keep my life in check, and I am clearly insane. but you know… who really cares?

in the end, I am spending half of my new year’s eve frustrated and not sleeping, and the last 2 hours of this year in an office full of awesome people. although it is work, I’m going to savour my last few hours of 2012.

still single, and I don’t believe any boy would be willing to run to the chapel and kiss me just like that so….

happy new year.

ending 366.

thank you for a good year, my dears.
It was foggy this morning.

Last performance of the year, didn’t lead. *fist pump*

Giggly af, and literally just hovelled myself up into the secretariat. Tried to break free, but the pasalubong and food just kept pulling me back in. Got a cute little bracelet and a new bag. And lots of tamarind, but I love it. Thank you, Tita! And the tantalizing feeling of getting a year end report done. Ooh.

So that’s kind of my day.

My night? 

Just watched Doctor Who until I fell asleep, waiting for mom and dad to come home from their failed movie date. Little bit of Wii, little bit of “Fall for Anything” and *boom*… now. 1:30AM of the night I told myself to sleep.

Good riddance.
Feeling fab and had a chill day.

2 more days until the new year.

I knew I would, and I did, but I tried so hard not to cry. The right hymns made me think it was Thanksgiving all over again, I related to the lesson… and I realised, in the middle of the service, what day it really was. I thought back on the year.

It was the last adults’ service of the year.

INC hymn. Prayer on Monday… it really is the New Year in a few short hours, isn’t it?

Haha. Ha.

It’s actually almost been a whole 366.

I can’t believe that I’m almost done.
Idk if anyone knows, but they sell Jelly Babies at the Sweet Factory. I’ve heard about it thrown around in UK culture, but only today have I tried the sweet that Niall Horan names in awkward situations. Also, having done further research, I found out that The Doctor’s favourite sweet: JELLY BABIES.

Today was a Doctor Who kind of day.and HMV is an amazing place, I tells ya.

Woke up in the morning and was woken up by the sound of my siblings on the telephone. We went to the mall :3

Great day. Bought sweets and was fairly intrigued by what Coquitlam had and Surrey did not.

And family get together.

I am pleased. Day 363 was a nice one :D
So uh… stayed home all day, caught up on loads of Doctor Who, some Phineas and Ferb and got another copy of SSBB.

What more could a girl ask for?

HAHA so my brother blinked.

Boxing day… was terribly too much. Too much warm, too much food, too much socially awkward.
Should have gotten that dress, but go figure.

Church cheered me up though, friends being friends and all.

Lots (maybe too much) sleep. That’s my day.

Day 361/366.
insanity is a 2 hour Mario Kart Wii game

Because we dared to do all 32 courses and only got to 23/32, as pictured above.

Today was lax, had 7 hours of sleep and woke up at 1pm. Fun.

Wasn’t actually too crazy to be home with the whole familia for about 2 straight days, but I did get the few urges to be really lazy.

Boxing day tomorrow! :)
Lazy day. Kinda gone stir crazy, and need something to do all day tomorrow.

I don’t celebrate the holidays, so potatoe.

My day pretty well went like this: 5 bajillion rounds of flow, AC3 (+ multiplayer!), and Doctor Who.

So. Uh. Deprived of socialization and civilization. I need a life omfg.
Literally abused snapchat today.

Lots of work, everything was a blur and my throat killed. A week until the new year and I’m so excited.

Don’t even try to look at this picture, ho hum.
Almost done this book.

It makes me depressed and feel so ugly… yet, so hopeful.

Church was…. nice. Awkward moments.

Today, really, was just 4 hours of books and then church. So.

Happy first day of the holidays, 9 more entries to go!
End of the world AHHH xD
Short, last day of school… Was pretty chillage and so many jokes about the world ending were thrown around. Pancake brekky, 3 blocks (ILLUMINATI DAY OMFG), lunch, then assembly after a gruelling last block.
I made certain that I had friends in art class before leaving for the winter break— even got someone to ship me and *bf* LOLOLOLOLOL…. (sorry Salma!).
Library after school. Fun stuff and heavy bag full of books. Then… Ikea with the familia :D
Tired. So tired. so….

So I came back to school all fabulous and all— HAHAHA.

Didn’t miss much as per usual, and not sure if I’m looking forward to conspiracy theory day tomorrow.

Sushi after school with the siblings and then helped out at the chapel. Yayaya~

Looking forward to the last day of school already! :3
Today was my sick day. Didn’t go to school, tee hee. Power outage at home made me and sister-dearest take a trip to the mall.

Fun stuff.

Deliberately disobeyed my bed resting orders, but hey, I feel awesome-ish.

Snow, snow, everywhere!
First snow day, and school started late.First day of Dodgeball. Sat out.

Oh well.

Barely did work all day and it was nice.

Felt feverish. Felt woozy. Aha.
Yeah so uh.

I think I caught the flu. But I can not be so sure.


But more or less, I’m fairly okay.

I survived Monday with a bit of a smile and no homework. Thank goodness.